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Arrowhead Industrial Park began when Jim Bryce moved his manufacturing operation, The Yankee Corporation, to the site in 1981. After additional lot acquisitions, development of the industrial park began several years later. The first building was contracted out. The contractors took one and a half years to do the first building. Afterward, Bryce Realty was formed so that all future development was done in-house. With ownership of it’s own excavation and erection equipment as well as a skilled construction crew, Bryce Realty tailor-made a pleasant, conscientious Industrial Park by controlling all aspects of the development.

As a full service business park, Arrowhead Industrial Park offers unsurpassed value. An on-site management and maintenance staff offers our resident companies immediate access to key people that can assist in their facility needs. There is no longer a need to worry about contacting a development corporation and waiting for days to respond to your needs and concerns.

For a featured article on Bryce Realty and The Yankee Corporation please see: www.vermontguides.com/2000/10-oct/oct3.htm
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